Our products make everyday work easier and faster. They help solve data privacy challenges, streamline sourcing, and automate contract processes.

Contract Robot

In the future, filling out and creating contracts will be so many times faster than before.

Virtual Negotiation Tool

Negotiation phase made smooth and easy! Share the link and follow the progress of the negotiations.

Legal Tech

With the help of our Legal Tech tools, the organization's own day-to-day legal tasks can be managed consistently and reliably.

Contract Robot

The Contract Robot helps users create consistent and standardized contracts and other documents. It guides users to fill in the correct contract sections.

The completed contract can be sent directly to the Virtual Negotiation Tool, to contract archiving or to be signed electronically.

The service includes a document user interface for creating and managing contract templates. Contract Robot is there to assist in contract production.

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Behind the Contract Robot is a hardy and efficient configurator. The configurator handles rule-based functions as part of contract completion.

Virtual Negotiation Tool

The Virtual Negotiation Tool is a browser-based tool. The tool helps to negotiate, inspect and edit various contracts and documents.

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External users can easily be invited to negotiate with specified rights. The completed contract can be sent to electronic signature or into the contract archive.

More from Citrus

At Citrus-group, we resolve a variety of digital challenges that affect the everyday work of business and organisations.

Helping out in Data Privacy tasks

The Data Protection regulation has brought with it a lot to consider and remember.

The Award-winning myGDPR Service is a true Data Protection pioneer, dedicated to help organisations meet Data Protection Requirements of today with ease.

A modern way to reach Legal services

Lawder is a search center for Legal and Administrative services for companies.

In our free-to-use service lobby, you are welcome to ask your questions and we will help you move forward.

We make Sourcing easy

Noventia is a solutions for Sourcing Professionals.

The versatile tools of Noventia have been developed together with customers and they fit the needs of all industries.

Fresh Digital Thinking

 A single project with us often turns into a partnership. We want to be part of our customers' everyday lives and help them succeed.

We take pride in working with our customers on nationally significant solutions.

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