Käyttöliittymäsuunnittelua paperilla
Käyttöliittymäsuunnittelua paperilla

Accessibility of Online Services - An Expert's Perspective

"We take pride in the fact that accessibility is not just a standard for us, but a deeply rooted value that guides our daily work."

Insights from Our Expert

For years accessibility has been a prioritized topic in the design of online services. Why is digital accessibility important and how is it considered in in the design process? Citrus Solutions' expert, Lead UX Designer Matias Hakunti, shares his insights from a professional point of view.

Digital Accessibility in the Past

When I started my career over 20 years ago, the accessibility of online services was a topic that was hardly discussed at all. Looking back at the designs from that time with current knowledge, it almost seems questionable.

Some of it can be explained by the limitations of software and technologies. However many aspects could have been carried out in a fully accessible manner, even with the tools and techniques available back then. The phrase "things were better in the past" does not apply in this case.

Towards Truly Accessible Online Services

Accessibility design of online services increased steadily in the 2010s but a crucial change was achieved with the Accessibility Directive (EU) 2016/2102. The directive required public sector websites and mobile applications to mee specific accessibility requirements.

In addition to the directive (perhaps also because of it), awareness of accessibility began to grow, and we as designers started to consider accessibility as a fundamental aspect in the design of websites and online services.

Accessibility as purpose

Accessibility is important for various reasons, and its significance is both moral and commercial. Accessible online services ensure that all users, regardless of their physical abilities or limitations, can access and benefit from online content. This promotes equality and enables everyone to participate in the digital environment.

The accessibility mindset benefits not only those with physical limitations but also other users, such as the elderly, who may face various challenges in using online services.

Accessible design principles can make the online experience better for all users. Accessible online services are better and more user-friendly than services where accessibility requirements are not met for one reason or another.

Accessibility at Citrus Solutions

At Citrus, accessibility in the design of services has been a guiding factor for a long time. Our strong commitment is that every user, regardless of their abilities, can participate and interact through the digital solutions we create.

We take pride in the fact that accessibility is not just a standard for us, but a deeply rooted value that guides our daily work. We strongly believe that digital services should be accessible to everyone, and this constantly drives us to find new ways to make our interfaces even more accessible.

Matias Hakunti

Matias Hakunti

The author has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing digital services. Committed advocate for accessibility.