Joni is taking charge of our Software Development teams

Joni Pinomäki has become the new Chief Services Officer of Citrus Solutions.

Joni Pinomäki will lead Citrus' software development teams and internal product development in the future.

He started in his new role on January 1, 2023. Congratulations!

I'm looking forward to combining our skills even more in future exciting projects. With this team of experts, we are in a particularly good position for demanding custom software development projects," says Joni, Citrus' new CSO.

Even closer collaboration between teams

In the future, Citrus' software development teams will work even more closely on various projects. Web service and software development experts combine open-source-focused Drupal with comprehensive Microsoft technologies in their projects.

By consolidating teams, we can make the expertise of Citrus' professionals available to all customers regardless of the technology.

The award-winning team leader has received recognition multiple times over the years

"Joni is a wizard who cares warmly, handles with care, and supports even in demanding situations," describe his colleagues, quoting directly in their congratulations.

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Joni Pinomäki

Chief Services Officer, Software Development

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