Henrietta Heikkilä has been appointed as the CEO of Citrus-group

On January the 1st of 2023, Henrietta Heikkilä has become the CEO of Citrus-group, which consists of several companies.

Citrus' predominantly female leadership team takes SaaS services to international markets

Henrietta Heikkilä Henrietta Heikkilä was appointed as the CEO of the Citrus Group on January 1, 2023. Citrus is a refreshing exception in the IT industry. Of the employees, 32% are women, and the leadership team consists of 60% women.

The IT company Citrus has appointed Henrietta Heikkilä (MSc in Economics) as the new CEO of the group. Henrietta joined the company in April 2022 as the Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer, coming from Nordic Sports Brand, where she was leading the growth and internationalization of e-commerce.

Citrus' founder and former CEO, Markku Karas, will continue his work as the Chairman of the Board of Citrus and as a management consultant.

Accelerating growth with solid experience

Henrietta has over 25 years of work experience in diverse business development roles at companies like Paulig, Hartwall, and Veikkaus, which are strong brands in both domestic and international environments. Citrus' strategy is heavily focused on growth and internationalization, so Henrietta has an excellent background to steer the company to the next level," summarizes Markku Karas, Chairman of the Group's Board.

With a clear corporate structure, internationalization is just around the corner

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Citrus has been investing in product development and building its own SaaS products for the past five years. The SaaS portfolio has also been expanded through acquisitions. Now, the products and services have been transferred to their own subsidiaries. A clearer corporate structure provides a solid foundation for venturing into international waters.

The goals of Citrus for internationalization and profitable growth in the coming years require a new approach. Growth is a journey of change, where it's first essential to ensure that the company's foundation is solid. Once the foundation and direction are clear, it's of utmost importance to engage the team and clarify the shared path. Afterward, we move into the acceleration phase, focusing on improving competitiveness and profitability," outlines Citrus Group CEO Henrietta Heikkilä.

At the heart of success, there is an excellent community

Three subsidiaries are led by a core team of strong expertise. Henry Kaunislehto (BBA), with a diverse background in IT projects, leads the software development, web services, and expert business of Citrus Solutions Ltd.

Sanni Laine-Luoto (MSc in Economics), who has had a long career in procurement and electronic procurement tools, leads Noventia Oy which provides procurement, supplier management, and contract management tools as a SaaS solution.

Saara Perho (LL.M), a legal and IT professional who has been in leadership positions at Citrus since 2016, leads the business of Lawder Oy. Lawder is a smarter legal and administrative services platform for businesses. In Lawder's virtual law firm, customers are connected free of charge with top experts suitable for each need. High-quality services and digital tools are just a click away in Lawder's lobby.

By streamlining the corporate structure, we aim to better reach the target audiences of each business unit, and at the same time, as a group, we can bring more strength to our endeavors.

Menestyksen takana on yrityksen sykkivä sydän, joka on yhtä kuin upeat osaajat. Työn merkityksellisyys, yhteinen arvopohja ja hyväntuulinen yhdessä tekeminen ovat keskeisiä kulmakiviämme. Vaalin pitkäjänteisellä työllä rakennettua yrityskulttuuria ja luotsaan yhteisöä eteenpäin kohti uusia tuulia suurella ilolla ja innolla. Citrus on jatkossakin kuunteleva, ketterä ja vahva strateginen kumppani, joka tarjoaa asiakkailleen raikasta digitaalista näkemystä rautaisella osaamisella varustettuna.

Ravistelemme perinteisiä toimintatapoja ja sujuvoitamme asiakkaidemme arkea tekemällä asioita porukalla raikkaammin, paremmin, fiksummin ja helpommin”, Heikkilä päättää.

Citrus is an IT company and a builder of digital services. We have highly skilled software developers, specialists, and our own SaaS products. The result of our work is user-friendly and intelligent services.

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